Questions frequently asked by visitors to our website are listed below together with answers which we hope you will find useful. To help we have sorted the questions by subject.

If your question is not answered below please send it to us by clicking ‘contact us’ on our site or simply E mail us at customerservice@hertuxedo.com. We guarantee to read and answer every inquiry

Retail Stores

Q. Does Her Tuxedo have a store we can visit or a retail outlet that sells Her Tuxedo garments.

A. No we trade exclusively on line.


Q. Do you stock tuxedo suits in any colors other than classic black And        Ivory?

A. Our Tuxedo Suits are only available in the colors on our website, Classic Black or Ivory. However our accessories do have a more extended color range all of  which, compliment both the Black and the Ivory suit. Customers can use the accessories to achieve their desired color scheme.


Q. Do you sell more than one style of suit?

A. We offer three Tuxedo styles. Wide Peak Lapel, short Peak Lapel and the Special edition.

Q. Are your suits designed for a generous or slim fit?

A. Our Short peak Lapel suits, Ivory and Black waistcoats are designed for slim fit in all sizes. Our Wide Peak Lapel Suit, shirts , Dusky Pink, Dusky Blue Scarlet Red and Sliver Gray waistcoats, are a more generous fit.

Q. Does the tuxedo suit have a satin strip down the pant legs?

A. Our Tuxedo pants do have the satin stripe.  As for our "End Of Line" Tuxedos we  omitted the stripe so that the suit can also be worn for casual events thus increasing its versatility.

Q. How To Do Returns and Exchanges (Mainland USA):

A. We will accept a return or exchange provided you are able to mail the returning package within the 10 day period stipulated in our return/exchange Policy which you had to acknowledge when placing your order.

Simply ship the items you wish to return or exchange/ return to our Returns Department, preferably in the box you received your order. Please complete and insert the Exchange & Returns Proforma that is part of the paperwork included with your order stating whether you would like to return for a refund or exchange for a different size is required. Once the parcel reaches us we will check that the items are still in their original condition and if a Tuxedo is returned, both Jacket and Pants are the same size, then arrange a refund or exchange accordingly(The process can take up to 10 Business days after receiving your parcel) . We do advise customers to obtain a tracking number when mailing parcels to us. 

 If the exchange is 'time-critical' then we can only suggest you place a new order with us as soon as possible to get to you in time and send the previous order for a refund rather than an exchange.  

Returns and Exchanges Shipping Label:

Q. Can you send me a pre-paid Return Label?

A.  As stipulated in our Exchange & Returns Policy 'whilst we will ship an       exchange order to you at our expense, the cost of mailing items(exchange or     return) back to us rests with the customer. 


Q. Do you sell tuxedo jackets or pants separately or Mix And Match?

A. No, our tuxedos are tailored as a complete suit and so we cannot sell jackets or pants separately. However, shirts, waistcoats and cravats are available individually.

Made To Measure

Q. Do you offer a custom made order service?

 A. No, we only offer quality ready tailored suits and accessories.

Shipping Time For Mainland USA

Q. How Long Does It Take To Get My Order?

A. If you select 'Priority Shipping', your order will be mailed via USPS Priority mail and should reach any shipping address within mainland USA in three to four business days After Processing (up to two business days). In addition, you have the choice of several express shipping options to use if you need your order to arrive earlier. 


Q. Do you stock sizes outside of the range indicated on the website?

A. No at present our range of sizes is limited to those indicated on our website.

Q. What size of garment should I order?

A. Help with sizing if you decide to place an order with us: 

Tailoring & Fabrics   

Because our Tuxedos are tailored as a complete 2 piece suit we cannot sell the jacket or pants as separate sizes. To that end, we advise customers to select a suit size that will accommodate their largest measurement. Your local seamstress should be able to adjust the suit by ‘taking in’ where necessary. It's always possible to adjust a garment down but not the other way around as there isn't a sufficient seam allowance to make a garment larger.  It may help you to know there is a 2-inch difference between sizes for the critical measurements. 

* Please note we do not use stretchable fabrics for any of our suits, waistcoats or shirts.  

Measuring Notes    

1. Measure Loosely (i.e. do not pull the tape measure tightly around you).      

2. If a personal measurement is borderline with the corresponding figure on the guide chart, then consider the next size up.      

3. When measuring for a suit, choose the size that fits the largest part of your body.      

4. Do make sure you are comparing with the appropriate chart      

5. If you are not confident about measuring correctly, consider asking your local seamstress or tailor to help.      

6. The Pant inside leg measurement for all styles and sizes is 36 inches      

Sizing and Size Charts     

There are size guide charts in the Help section of our website (+ Sign Opposite Help, when browsing on your phone). Whilst these can only be a guide, they can help determine the size most likely to fit. The item and style guides are as follows:      

Guide 1. Short Peak Lapel Tuxedo Suits      

Guide 2. Wide Peak Lapel Tuxedo Suits      

Guide 3. Slim Fit Cut Waistcoats      

Guide 4. Loose Fit Cut Waistcoats. Also, use this guide for both Collar Versions of Dress Shirt.      

International Orders

Q. Do you ship orders to customers outside the USA?

(1) Yes. Orders from international customers are welcomed and can be made via our website for most countries. If you have a difficulty placing an order or have any concerns, please E mail us at customerservice@hertuxedo.com and we will be happy to help.

(2) Shipping Time:   You should allow, at least 2 weeks for your order to arrive. 

 We aim to process orders within 2 business days. The actual shipping time depends upon the international shipping option you select when making your order. When you select an option it should give you some indication of transit time. You can review these options before going through with your payment. Also you have to take into consideration the time your order will take to clear customs.     

Please read and be aware of the following:   

(3). Our Returns Policy  

Exchange & Return   ( No International Exchanges)     

We do have a comprehensive Exchange & Return Policy which you will also find in the Help section of our website We will accept returns provided it reaches us in “new condition”. Customers are responsible for all shipping charges for the return.  Whilst we offer to exchange items free of charge to customers within the USA, the cost of shipping overseas and possible imposition of Customs Tariffs etc makes this impractical for International orders. To that end, if you require to make an Exchange, you would need to return the item(s) in question for a refund then place a new order for the appropriate size /style etc. Please remember you are responsible for all shipping costs and for recovering any import duty you may have paid prior to taking delivery of the original order.  It is unfortunate that international shipping is so expensive but sadly we have no control over this.      (4). Import Duty* Unfortunately, we have no knowledge or control over any import taxes that might be applied by your country's Customs. If any taxes are applied, this usually happens when the order reaches the destination country and has to be paid by the customer directly to customs.