Questions frequently asked by visitors to our website are listed below together with answers which we hope you will find useful. To help we have sorted the questions by subject.

If your question is not answered below please send it to us by clicking ‘contact us’ on our site or simply E mail us at info@hertuxedo.com. We guarantee to read and answer every inquiry

Retail Stores

Q. Does Her Tuxedo have a store we can visit or a retail outlet that sells Her Tuxedo garments.

A. No we trade exclusively on line.


Q. Do you stock tuxedo suits in any colors other than classic black?

A. We plan to introduce an Ivory version of our Tuxedo suit which hopefully will be available in summer 2017. Whilst we currently only stock a black Tuxedo suit this can be complimented by our colourful range of accessories.


Q. Do you sell more than one style of suit?

A. No at present we only sell the style shown on our website.

Q. Are your suits designed for a generous or slim fit?

A. Our suits, shirts and waistcoats are designed for slim fit in all sizes.

Q. Does the tuxedo suit have a satin strip down the pant legs?

A.No, our pants do not have the satin stripe. Whilst our tuxedo suit is tailored for the most formal occasions, we purposely omitted the stripe so that the suit can also be worn for casual events thus increasing its versatility.


Q. Do you stock sizes outside of the range indicated on the website?

A. No at present our range of sizes is limited to those indicated on our website.

Q. What size of garment should I order?

A. The detailed sizing chart on our website should help you determine the size most suited to your personal measurements. Our pants come with unfinished hems for individual convenience.


Q. Do you sell tuxedo jackets or pants separately?

A. No, our tuxedos are tailored as a complete suit and so we cannot sell jackets or pants separately. However, shirts, waistcoats and cravats are available individually.

Made To Measure

Q. Do you offer a custom made order service?

A. No we only offer quality ready tailored suits and accessories.

International Orders

Q.Do you ship orders to customers outside the USA?

A. Yes. Orders from international customers are welcomed and can be made via our website for most countries. If you have a difficulty placing an order or have any concerns, please E mail us at customerservice@hertuxedo.com and we will be happy to help.